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Sparkly Dragonfly

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Craft Workshop Pegs
  • Craft Workshop Moving Eyes
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun (with glue)

Step 1.
Take a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) and bend both edges to the middle and twist.
Step 2.
Once you have two pipe cleaners in a figure 8, criss-cross them and put them inside the clothespin. You can use hot glue to secure it, otherwise they are fine.
Step 3.
Carefully use the hot glue gun to stick the moving eyes on to the end of the clothespin to create dragonfly eyes.
Sparkly Dragonfly — complete!
Voilà, you now have a new little friend, or friends! Never let your imagination be limited.