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Dreamy Dreamcatchers

You will require the following products for this project: 

  • Craft Workshop Polystyrene Shapes – circles
  • Craft Workshop Velveteen String
  • Craft Workshop Charms
  • Craft Workshop Feathers
  • Craft Workshop Beads
  • Craft Workshop Colours
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Paint your Polystyrene Circle shape with colours you choose- we went rainbow style! Set aside to dry.
Step 2.
Whilst paint is drying, start threading beads on to your velveteen string to decorate. Add feathers at the ends, and secure using a hot glue gun to set.
Step 3.
When circle is dry, glue some velveteen string at the back, and then wrap around the circle, crossing over the middle.
Step 4.
Attach the long velveteen strings that you previously decorated, by tying them to the base of the circle, and hot glueing them to secure their position. Finally, attach some charms to the centre strings in the middle of the circle to decorate as well.
Step 5.
Hang your Dreamcatcher up above your bed to catch your dreams, or on a wall to add fun decor to a room.