Crafty Christmas Angels

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Jumbo Pegs (large)
  • Craft Workshop Felt (green and red)
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stems (gold or silver)
  • Craft Workshop Star Soft Stickers
  • White paint
  • Brown felt pen
  • Thin tip pen
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Paint your wooden doll in any colour you like or you can choose to leave natural wood colour if you prefer. Leave to dry.
Step 2.
Give your angel some hair! Colour in with a felt or paint on.
Step 3.
Give your Christmas angel a face. To make it simple we used a pen but you can use paint if you like.
Step 4.
Draw outline and cut out the Angel cloak from felt: We measured a square shape 6cm wide to wrap around the neck of angel, and cut the sides on a slight angle outwards, measuring 6cms in height. Then draw and cut out wings from the felt: We simply drew a crescent moon shape with even ends to make upwards wing tips, about 6cm in diameter. See example shapes
Step 5.
Glue (using glue gun, careful it’s hot!) the felt cloak on to the doll. Glue a line down the top hem of the cloak first, stick it around the angels neck to position.
Step 6.
Glue the Wings on the back, by placing a line of glue down the centre of the wings, and sticking to the back of the angels spine- remember to place the wing tips pointing up
Step 7
Cut the metallic pipe cleaner to length for the Angels halo, we measured about 3cms in length, and twisted the ends together to form a halo ring. Carefully hot glue the halo onto the angels head.
Step 9.
Add a sticker like these CW Glitter Stars to the front of the cloak, or even on the wings for decoration. Use your creativity to make your angel as decorative as you like.
Step 10.
Now you have a complete Christmas Angel. You can either hang your angel with nylon string on to the Xmas tree, or use as display decorations on a shelf.

Decorate with this great Christmas Wreath

Make this super cute Christmas Wreath to decorate your door this year.

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Polystyrene Circle
  • Craft Workshop Soft Stickers Stars
  • Craft Workshop Bells
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
  • Xmas decorations (e.g. baubles, tinsel, etc.)
  • Foliage from the gardens (e.g. leaves, pinecones, etc.)

Step 1.
Creating a Christmas wreath is a fun way to add personality to your front door. We started by winding some green leaves around our wreath. We used Ivy but you can use whatever plants you have around. Make sure you check with your adult that it is ok to pick them first!
Weaving Ivy onto Christmas wreath
Step 2.
Add some Christmas colour with these glittery stars which are self stick.
adding Star Stickers to diy christmas wreath
Step 3.
We glued in some gold bells to make it jingle all the way!
gluing bells to Christmas wreath
Step 4.
You can add any bits and pieces in you like to make it your own special Christmas wreath.
close up of finished Christmas wreath
Step 5.
Get your adult to hang it on the door so all your friends and family can see when they come to visit.
christmas wreath on door

Make Your Own Xmas Cards


Step 1.
Create fun, customised Christmas cards using any decoration of your choice. The first thing you need to do is choose what you want to make your card out of. The Craft Workshop range offers multiple options: stickers, lettering, soft stickers and card. For this project, we used these items.
Step 2.
We used the Santa hat and worked around that for our example, but there’s heaps of items you can use to embellish your card and personalise them.
Step 3.
There are multiple different types of lettering available, as well as card and types of pens and soft stickers you could use. So choose carefully, and find a combination that best expresses your personal flair.

Make Your Own Xmas Ornament


For this project you will need:

  • Craft Workshop Clear Ornament
  • Craft Workshop Gilding Flakes (silver)
  • Craft Workshop Soft Stickers (assorted, Christmas themed)
  • Craft Workshop Charms (e.g. snowflakes)
  • Craft Workshop Nylon String
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Tie the charm to a short length of nylon string, checking it fits inside the glass ball, and hangs where you like it.
Step 2.
Once you have tied your charms onto the nylon, you need to tie them on to the lid of the ball. We simply poked the nylon through the top hole and secured with a knot to the lid, trimming off the ends once tied in position.
Step 3.
Fill the Glass Ball with whatever snow like texture you fancy—we used the CW silver foil for a bit of shimmery fun, but you could also cut out tinsel, add small paper snowflakes etc. This project is so easy to get creative and mix in different items you like!
Step 4.
Place the lid on, hanging the charms inside as you positioned back in step 2.
Step 5.
Add on stickers to decorate the outside of the ball. We used a range of the CW Xmas reindeer, snowflake and Xmas tree stickers, but there’s loads of options! You could also draw trees and snowflakes on the outside with a glitter pen, or metallic pen to finish.
Step 6.
Once complete, hang the decoration on your tree. Or, these also can make a nice gift idea for friends and family.

Reindeer & Xmas Tree Popstick Decos


Step 1:
Paint the popsicle sticks in your colour choice to match your project. For example, if you are doing the Reindeer project, then paint it brown, if the Tinsel Tree, then red, and blue for the Pom Pom Tree.
Step 2:
Using a hot glue gun (being careful not to burn yourself), glue the popsicle sticks together in a triangle shape, starting with joining 2 in a V shape.Skip to Step 3.1 for Reindeer continuation. 
Step 3.1:
Reindeer — Then glue the 3rd stick across the first 2, an inch or so down, leaving some space at the end of the triangle to form a shape of reindeer head.
Step 3.2:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — For these Christmas tree designs, cut the 3rd popsicle stick a bit shorter, and glue across the end of the V to give the triangle a taller shape like a tree. Glue the piece of popsicle stick you cut off at the bottom of the triangle tree shape to look as the tree trunk.
Step 4.1:
Reindeer — For the reindeer, use the hot glue gun to glue the eyes on to the popsicle sticks, halfway between the top and nose.
Step 4.2:
Tinsel Tree — Wrap the tinsel pipe cleaners around the tree, alternating in colours and direction to fully cover the tree.
Step 4.3:
Pom Pom Tree — Glue the pom poms in colourful pattern all over the front side of the popsicle sticks.
Step 5.1:
Reindeer — Add the red glitter nose using the glitter pen, or the glitter hot glue stick in the glue gun. You could also glue a red button on, or add a red pom pom for nose.
Step 5.2:
Cut a tinsel pipe cleaner in half, and twist around the top of reindeers head to make pretty antlers.
Step 6:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — Get creative to decorate your tree! For example, we cut a tinsel pipe cleaner into pieces, and twist them around each other to form a small star, leaving one star length longer than the rest. Glue this longer length to the back of the tree so the star sits on top.

Simply tie some nylon string around the top of reindeer and the trees to be able to hang for decoration