Seashell Creatures

This project requires the following items:

  • Craft Workshop moving eyes
  • Craft Workshop chenille stem (red)
  • Craft Workshop felt (green)
  • Craft Workshop hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Assorted sea shells

Step 1.
Paint your seashells colours of your choice. We used red for the crab, green for the turtle and different purple, green and yellow for our fish. While paint is drying choose what moving eyes will suit which creature, and plan out where to position the fins and tails on fish
Step 2.
Cut a Chenille Stem into 4 pieces of similar length to make legs, and then 2 longer for the longer front legs. Fold the end of the longer legs back onto themselves to from lil’ grabby pincers.
Step 3.
Prepare the turtle body by drawing some legs, head and tail around the outside of your shell, and the cut out the shape.
Step 4.
Carefully glue the moving eyes on to your creatures, either on the shells (for fish and crab) or on the felt turtle head
Step 5.
Using the hot glue gun, glue the other smaller shells on to the fish to form fins and tail to finish
Step 6.
Glue the turtle felt body on to the underside of the shell to finish
Step 7.
Glue 4 legs alongside the bottom edge of one side of the crab shell, then repeat for the other side. Finish off with gluing the longer pincer legs towards the of the crab

Decorative Arrows

This project requires the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Felt
  • Craft Workshop Feathers
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Washi tape
  • Ribbon


Step 1.
Paint the wooden dowel rods a colour of your choice to start your arrows
Step 2.
Whilst the arrow rods are drying, prepare the felt cut out feathers, by simply drawing a leaf shape and trimming the side to shape into a feather. Make sure you make a few of different size to layer them up.
Step 3.
Once the arrow’s paint is dry, you have then decorate with bits of ribbon and washi tape, twisting it around the arrow and hot gluing it to stick. You could also draw patterns on to the arrow, use your imagination to create some fun patterns
Step 4.
Hot glue felt feathers layered together, then glue it to the end of the arrow, layering with some colourful feathers.
Step 5.
We wrapped some rope ribbon around the end to cover the feather tips and finish it off.
Hang on the wall or play in a glass vase on display.

Reindeer & Xmas Tree Popstick Decos


Step 1:
Paint the popsicle sticks in your colour choice to match your project. For example, if you are doing the Reindeer project, then paint it brown, if the Tinsel Tree, then red, and blue for the Pom Pom Tree.
Step 2:
Using a hot glue gun (being careful not to burn yourself), glue the popsicle sticks together in a triangle shape, starting with joining 2 in a V shape.Skip to Step 3.1 for Reindeer continuation. 
Step 3.1:
Reindeer — Then glue the 3rd stick across the first 2, an inch or so down, leaving some space at the end of the triangle to form a shape of reindeer head.
Step 3.2:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — For these Christmas tree designs, cut the 3rd popsicle stick a bit shorter, and glue across the end of the V to give the triangle a taller shape like a tree. Glue the piece of popsicle stick you cut off at the bottom of the triangle tree shape to look as the tree trunk.
Step 4.1:
Reindeer — For the reindeer, use the hot glue gun to glue the eyes on to the popsicle sticks, halfway between the top and nose.
Step 4.2:
Tinsel Tree — Wrap the tinsel pipe cleaners around the tree, alternating in colours and direction to fully cover the tree.
Step 4.3:
Pom Pom Tree — Glue the pom poms in colourful pattern all over the front side of the popsicle sticks.
Step 5.1:
Reindeer — Add the red glitter nose using the glitter pen, or the glitter hot glue stick in the glue gun. You could also glue a red button on, or add a red pom pom for nose.
Step 5.2:
Cut a tinsel pipe cleaner in half, and twist around the top of reindeers head to make pretty antlers.
Step 6:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — Get creative to decorate your tree! For example, we cut a tinsel pipe cleaner into pieces, and twist them around each other to form a small star, leaving one star length longer than the rest. Glue this longer length to the back of the tree so the star sits on top.

Simply tie some nylon string around the top of reindeer and the trees to be able to hang for decoration

Popsicle Spider Web


For this project you will need:

  • Craft Workshop Jumbo sticks (x4)
  • Craft Workshop Jute/String
  • Craft Workshop Glue Gun
  • Black/White Paint
  • Craft Workshop Paintbrush
  • Craft Workshop Scissors
  • Fake Spiders

Step 1:
Using the hot glue gun (don’t burn your fingers), Glue the sticks across each other in a cross pattern as shown, to create the base of the web frame.
Step 2:
Paint the web frame in black or white paint on both sides—don’t forget the edges!
Step 3:
Using the Jute String, wrap the string around the sticks, working from the centre (tie the start knot under the middle of the web sticks). Cross over the middle a few times, then twist over and round the sticks going round the web frame in a circular pattern.
Step 4:
Once you’ve worked your way to the outer end of the sticks, tie the string leaving enough length to hang up.
Step 5:
Add your fake Spider to his happy new home and hang on display.