Lil’ Lady Bugs

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Workshop Moving Eyes – Small
  • Craft Workshop Pom Pom – Large white/black
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stem Black
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker pen/vivid
  • Empty egg carton
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Cut out the bottom of an egg carton to make the lady bugs body. Make sure the bottom edge is flat, and then paint the body in red and set aside to dry.
Step 2.
Prepare your antennae while the paint is drying by cutting the black chenille stem into two small lengths approximately 5cm to 6cm and bend to shape.
Step 3.
Using a hot glue gun (be careful not to burn yourself), glue the moving eyes and chenille stem antennae on top of a large pom pom, to create a lady bugs head. Position the eyes together and antennae pieces on the back of the head.
Step 4.
Once the red paint is dried on the body, glue the back of the head on to the body, positioning the antennae to stand up.
Step 5.

Draw small black spots on your lady bug and colour in.

Pom Pom Love Bugs

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Pom Poms (mixed size & colour pack)
  • Craft Workshop Moving Eyes (small size)
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Workshop Felt Sheets
  • Craft Workshop Heart Self-stick Gems
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Whilst the hot glue gun warms up, start to prepare your Love Bug pieces. Cut out small heart shapes from the felt sheet, around 4cm in length, to create the feet for the large pom poms. We used colours to suit the Valentines Love theme. Then cut the chenille sticks to length for the antennae- approx 4-5cm.
Step 2.
Using the hot glue gun, stick the large pom pom to the felt heart shaped feet to create the bugs body.
Step 3.
Continue to use the hot glue gun to glue the eyes on to the pom pom body, or the end of the chenille sticks. We also glued small pom poms on to the end of the chenille sticks. Get creative with how you decorate your Love Bug.
Step 4.
Glue the Chenille stick/antennae on to the body of your love bug.
Step 5.
Finally, have fun and get decorating! We used CW adhesive rhinestones to decorate our lil love bug friends!
Step 5.
These lil buddies make great Valentines friendship gifts.

Fairy Ballerina

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Pom Poms
  • Craft Workshop Dolly Peg (long)
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun (with glue)
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Fine-tip Black Pen
  • Colouring Pens

Step 1.
Use the fine tipped black pen to draw on the ballerinas face and create small eyes, a happy mouth and finish it off with a pink pen on the cheeks for blush.
Step 2.
Now choose your ballerina’s style! Draw and colour in a hairline on her head, and then the ballet slipper straps on her legs (using the fine tipped black pen again).
Step 3.
Colour in the the top half of the ballerina’s dress, leaving a ‘V’ shaped opening at the front (as ballerina’s typically have dramatic plunging necklines).  Don’t forget her pointe (dancing) shoes!
Step 4.
Our ballerina’s tutu will be made from pom poms! Use the hot glue gun and glue to carefully attach the pom poms around the middle of the peg.
Step 5.
Twist the chenille stem (pipe cleaner) to create wings; make them whichever shape you would wish and then safely glue them onto the fairy ballerina’s back to fit. Be careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue! Once the wings have dried, your Fairy Ballerina is ready to dance!

Reindeer & Xmas Tree Popstick Decos


Step 1:
Paint the popsicle sticks in your colour choice to match your project. For example, if you are doing the Reindeer project, then paint it brown, if the Tinsel Tree, then red, and blue for the Pom Pom Tree.
Step 2:
Using a hot glue gun (being careful not to burn yourself), glue the popsicle sticks together in a triangle shape, starting with joining 2 in a V shape.Skip to Step 3.1 for Reindeer continuation. 
Step 3.1:
Reindeer — Then glue the 3rd stick across the first 2, an inch or so down, leaving some space at the end of the triangle to form a shape of reindeer head.
Step 3.2:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — For these Christmas tree designs, cut the 3rd popsicle stick a bit shorter, and glue across the end of the V to give the triangle a taller shape like a tree. Glue the piece of popsicle stick you cut off at the bottom of the triangle tree shape to look as the tree trunk.
Step 4.1:
Reindeer — For the reindeer, use the hot glue gun to glue the eyes on to the popsicle sticks, halfway between the top and nose.
Step 4.2:
Tinsel Tree — Wrap the tinsel pipe cleaners around the tree, alternating in colours and direction to fully cover the tree.
Step 4.3:
Pom Pom Tree — Glue the pom poms in colourful pattern all over the front side of the popsicle sticks.
Step 5.1:
Reindeer — Add the red glitter nose using the glitter pen, or the glitter hot glue stick in the glue gun. You could also glue a red button on, or add a red pom pom for nose.
Step 5.2:
Cut a tinsel pipe cleaner in half, and twist around the top of reindeers head to make pretty antlers.
Step 6:
Tinsel Tree & Pom Pom Tree — Get creative to decorate your tree! For example, we cut a tinsel pipe cleaner into pieces, and twist them around each other to form a small star, leaving one star length longer than the rest. Glue this longer length to the back of the tree so the star sits on top.

Simply tie some nylon string around the top of reindeer and the trees to be able to hang for decoration