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Crafty Christmas Angels

For this project you will require the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Jumbo Pegs (large)
  • Craft Workshop Felt (green and red)
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stems (gold or silver)
  • Craft Workshop Star Soft Stickers
  • White paint
  • Brown felt pen
  • Thin tip pen
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Paint your wooden doll in any colour you like or you can choose to leave natural wood colour if you prefer. Leave to dry.
Step 2.
Give your angel some hair! Colour in with a felt or paint on.
Step 3.
Give your Christmas angel a face. To make it simple we used a pen but you can use paint if you like.
Step 4.
Draw outline and cut out the Angel cloak from felt: We measured a square shape 6cm wide to wrap around the neck of angel, and cut the sides on a slight angle outwards, measuring 6cms in height. Then draw and cut out wings from the felt: We simply drew a crescent moon shape with even ends to make upwards wing tips, about 6cm in diameter. See example shapes
Step 5.
Glue (using glue gun, careful it’s hot!) the felt cloak on to the doll. Glue a line down the top hem of the cloak first, stick it around the angels neck to position.
Step 6.
Glue the Wings on the back, by placing a line of glue down the centre of the wings, and sticking to the back of the angels spine- remember to place the wing tips pointing up
Step 7
Cut the metallic pipe cleaner to length for the Angels halo, we measured about 3cms in length, and twisted the ends together to form a halo ring. Carefully hot glue the halo onto the angels head.
Step 9.
Add a sticker like these CW Glitter Stars to the front of the cloak, or even on the wings for decoration. Use your creativity to make your angel as decorative as you like.
Step 10.
Now you have a complete Christmas Angel. You can either hang your angel with nylon string on to the Xmas tree, or use as display decorations on a shelf.