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Decorative Arrows

This project requires the following items:

  • Craft Workshop Felt
  • Craft Workshop Feathers
  • Craft Workshop Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Washi tape
  • Ribbon


Step 1.
Paint the wooden dowel rods a colour of your choice to start your arrows
Step 2.
Whilst the arrow rods are drying, prepare the felt cut out feathers, by simply drawing a leaf shape and trimming the side to shape into a feather. Make sure you make a few of different size to layer them up.
Step 3.
Once the arrow’s paint is dry, you have then decorate with bits of ribbon and washi tape, twisting it around the arrow and hot gluing it to stick. You could also draw patterns on to the arrow, use your imagination to create some fun patterns
Step 4.
Hot glue felt feathers layered together, then glue it to the end of the arrow, layering with some colourful feathers.
Step 5.
We wrapped some rope ribbon around the end to cover the feather tips and finish it off.
Hang on the wall or play in a glass vase on display.