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Easter Bunny Headband



Step 1.
Choose chenille stems in the colour you like. We chose white. Twist 3 together so they stay close to each other. Bend into a loop that will fit over your head like a headband.
Step 2.
Wrap some chenille stems around the ends to keep them together and so they feel soft behind your ears.
Step 3.
To make the ears, twist the chenille stems over the headband making a loop that looks like bunny ears.
Step 4.
Bend the top of the ears into points and adjust them to look cute!
Step 5.
Using the wire on the back of the flowers, twist these around the headband to make it look full of flowers. Make sure the wire is twisted so that it doesn’t stick into your head. Ouch!
Step 6.
Put as many flowers on to make it look full of flowers. Pop it on your head and enjoy being a beautiful Easter bunny!