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Halloween Hanging Bats



For this project you will need: 

  • Craft Workshop Wooden Dolls
  • Craft Workshop Moving Eyes
  • Craft Workshop Chenille Stem
  • Craft Workshop Black Felt
  • Craft Workshop Glue Gun (and glue)
  • Craft Workshop Black Paint
  • Craft Workshop Paintbrush
  • Craft Workshop Felt Pens
  • Click here to download the ‘Bat Wing Template Shape
Step 2:
Paint the wooden dolls black (or colour of your choice). Put aside to dry.
Step 3:
Whilst the bat bodies are drying, cut out bat wings (download Bat Wing Template) in felt, tracing around your paper bat outline.
Step 4.1:
Cut the Black pipe cleaner into short lengths for legs, about 3 to 4 cms, and then additional smaller piece for feet.
Step 4.2:
Wrap the smaller piece around the larger length to create small feet at the end of pipe piece.
Step 5.
Plug in and heat up glue gun, and stick glue down the centre line of the felt bat, placing the wooden doll on top to fit — careful not to burn your fingers whilst using the gun!
Step 6:
Pull out a pair of small moving eyes, stick on to the bat head to fit, using glue gun.
Step 7:
Draw a smile with fangs on the bat face — we used a silver pen on black paint.
Step 8:
Bend the end of the pipe cleaner legs and glue them to the base of the wooden bat.
hanging-bats-h Once all dry and glue has set, the bats are ready to hang upside down! Use them to help decorate as a table centre on tree branches for a Halloween feast, or hang up around the house to surprise guests.