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Popstick Easter Bunny

Step 1.
Stick two popsticks together using glue, or simply tape them on the back to stick together. Paint the front grey, and put aside to dry
Step 2.
Cut out your Bunny ears from the white Felt and add inner ear detail of pink. We simply drew ear shapes we liked and cut around them- approx 4-5cms in length. We then did the same for the Bunny Feet, shaping paws out of the oval white felt, and adding pink inner detail as shown in image.
Step 3.
Using the hot glue gun (mind you dont burn your fingers), glue the inner part of your Bunny Ears and Feet together, to have ready to add on to your Bunny friend.
Step 4.
Glue the Bunny ears on to the back of the popsticks, leaving room to show up top. And then add the Bunny Feet on to the bottom front of the popsticks
Step 5.
Still using the hot glue gun, glue on the moving eyes, positioned near the top of the pop sticks, and then add the medium size white Pom Poms and the small pink Pom Pom to form cheeks and bunnys mouth.