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Make Your Own Xmas Ornament


For this project you will need:

  • Craft Workshop Clear Ornament
  • Craft Workshop Gilding Flakes (silver)
  • Craft Workshop Soft Stickers (assorted, Christmas themed)
  • Craft Workshop Charms (e.g. snowflakes)
  • Craft Workshop Nylon String
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Tie the charm to a short length of nylon string, checking it fits inside the glass ball, and hangs where you like it.
Step 2.
Once you have tied your charms onto the nylon, you need to tie them on to the lid of the ball. We simply poked the nylon through the top hole and secured with a knot to the lid, trimming off the ends once tied in position.
Step 3.
Fill the Glass Ball with whatever snow like texture you fancy—we used the CW silver foil for a bit of shimmery fun, but you could also cut out tinsel, add small paper snowflakes etc. This project is so easy to get creative and mix in different items you like!
Step 4.
Place the lid on, hanging the charms inside as you positioned back in step 2.
Step 5.
Add on stickers to decorate the outside of the ball. We used a range of the CW Xmas reindeer, snowflake and Xmas tree stickers, but there’s loads of options! You could also draw trees and snowflakes on the outside with a glitter pen, or metallic pen to finish.
Step 6.
Once complete, hang the decoration on your tree. Or, these also can make a nice gift idea for friends and family.